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    -30. It’s time to talk about T-Necks.

    Turtlenecks are one of those weird fashion trends that has always been around, and likely always will be, yet anytime I wear one I instantly feel like a douchebag.  However, when…

  • Fashion

    Summer Snowsuits

    When you live in a city where the weather is as unpredictable as a drunk female who ran into her ex boyfriend at a bar, you need to be prepared for…

  • Fashion

    Why I hate Louboutin’s.

     We all remember the classic movie scene where Dorothy taps together her little sparkly red shoes while chanting “ There’s no place like home” with a sparkle in her eyes. In…

  • Fashion

    Thigh Highs

    Everyone, this weekend was all about the ultimate fashion question: Can I pull off thigh high socks without looking like I have daddy issues? I’m overall pleased with the result, and it’s…

  • Fashion

    PARKshow Fall 2013

    What I find so great about attending fashion events is that everyone is as narcissistic as I am. At PARKshow, there was no Iphone camera left unturned for a selfie and…

  • Fashion

    There’s Something About Terry

    Fashion is interesting in that, as much as we appreciate the change of seasons and seeing new things on the runway, there is this inevitable obsession with consistency. Icons don’t become…