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    The world of sleeptech

    As a self proclaimed nocturnal, I find myself having more than just eating garbage in common with my local racoon (pictured above). More often than not I find myself shuffling around in…

  • Music

    Albums for fall

      In the spirit of being a white girl I am, I’m excited AF for cozy fall weather. Since the only song I can recommend is “I’ll name the dogs” by…

  • Fashion

    Cottage Country

    While I’m still not entirely comfortable with the word “cottage” I finally got out to Northern Ontario this summer. I think the part that fascinates me the most is the accessibility,…

  • Fashion


    Her Majesty’s pleasure. Where every King and Queen West girl goes for a blowout- pro tip is to get it on Groupon and get a free glass of prosecco with it.…

  • Fashion

    Florals for FIFA

    We all know how I feel about sports and fashion holding hands so it only seemed appropriate to discuss this Adidas+Farm collaboration for the FIFA world cup. My soccer knowledge can…

  • Parkshow_LRF

    PARKshow Spring 2014

    One of my favourite things about the world of fashion is the optimism it brings. Just when you start to feel as though there is no hope for your pasty soul,…