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    Subscription Boxes

    A snippet from Newsletter .07 Reasons to never leave your home: (potentially the title of my memoir) Subscription boxes. I’m constantly impressed by subscription boxes I haven’t thought of signing up for yet. Coffee? In cute packaging? that would be such a sweet little parcel to receive each month, trying all kinds of different roasts. Contact lenses? also in cute packaging? why was I going OUT OF MY WAY to get these things in ugly packaging every 6 months of my…

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    JORD Wood Watches

    One of my staples, slash only piece of jewelry I wear most of the time is a watch. Not that it helps me be on time… clearly…but because I have a…

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    The secret life of flowers

    Dark, wild florals are big this fall and winter and obviously I’m excited. I highly encourage you to watch this STUNNING short film by Baz Luhrmann (Directed The Great Gatsby and…

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    Microblading at The Good Geisha

    I made this short- ish video highlighting some of the questions I get asked quite a bit, such as how much it hurts, how often you need to go back for…

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    Read A Rabbitte .05

    After taking a week off for Thanksgiving, I was doing a lot of reflection on the world around me. I think I first remember the concept of racism coming up during…

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    My 2 minute makeup with Shiseido!

    A quick trial of Shiseido product. The foundation goes on smooth and the packaging is sleek, while maintaining their brand identity. The Tokyo collection came in the red lip pouch which…

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    Shirts of Egyptian Cotton

    I recently discovered Kotn on a standard Sunday jaunt down my usual spots on Queen St. I’m usually in the market for soft, minimalist, overpriced basics in life and as I…