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JORD Wood Watches

One of my staples, slash only piece of jewelry I wear most of the time is a watch. Not that it helps me be on time… clearly…but because I have a forever love for classic jewelry and menswear styles ( I usually opt for a big face in a neutral colour). This JORD watch has that vibe, but also comes from sustainable wood which is such a cool feature about it, and makes for an amazing gift for the stylish yet eco-conscious person in your life. They are also hand made and carved in the United States which speaks to the quality, and the fact it is made of actual wood blows my mind.

The one I am wearing is the Frankie Series in Zebrawood & Champagne, it retails for $189 so definitely use my discount code and they will email you the coupon right away. They also have a really nice mens shop, check it out here– I would honestly love the one I got on a guy as well.

Another pro tip that I did not pro out on- is to make sure when you are doing your wrist measurement to actually have it so it fits. I battled with not wanting it too tight and then realized that I had to get some links removed. The team at JORD is suuuper responsive for any questions you may have as well.

Order today within the United States and USPS will still be able to get it under the tree in time for you if you decide to get one as a gift!

JORD Watch

I feel like its the perfect weekend, cozy coffee shop watch and thats why I was so excited to partner with them. Use my Discount code for 25% off by clicking here!

Wooden Wrist Watch

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