Side Hustle. Because it sounds less depressing than “second job”.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know people selling used underwear, or pictures of their feet online for a bit of extra cash. Perhaps the biggest blessing and curse of our generation is that almost everyone can, and does have a side hustle. Our parents and grandparents knit sweaters, painted, and did woodwork as hobbies and I like to think we still have these hobbies, but you better believe there’s an Etsy account and a brand strategy behind the operation.

I like to think I have made a decent amount of income and gotten a lot of free things from my various sidehustle and I’m sharing a few hot tips on how to get free stuff and make money.

Influenster – You know those people who write reviews on websites that you are about to purchase from? Like, wondering how those pants fit or how this mascara lasts in humidity? While I assume most people know this, for those that don’t, those are people like myself, either paid, or given the product for free to honestly review and post about it. If you have time to fill out some honest surveys, and test some free product (everyone has time for this) it’s a great way to have some fun and try out new brands.

Upwork –  This is the ultimate freelancer tool and you can essentially sell any of your digital skills on this site. If you are good at organizing files, research, or a Twitter pro like I was in my past life, be sure to tap into its resources. This is a great option for someone who wants to be an Instagram girl full time (me).

Transcribing – As someone who went to journalism school, I know this pain all too well. If you have ears and are a fast typer, you can make a decent amount of money transcribing for various companies. I recommend Rev.com.

Experiential Marketing –  These are the people handing out things on the street, or at the events you attend doing a whisky sample on the side while cheerfully explaining the product to you. If you have some experience in customer service, google some local agencies, they are CONSTANTLY looking for people. Requirements are generally showing up, learning about the product and then attending an event to promote it, they pay between $20-45 an hour and you pick and choose the shifts. I’ve made a ton of money, met some great people, and only managed to get fired once!

Air BnB Experience – I haven’t done this myself but I felt the need to promote it, because I had no idea this was a thing. I have actually never used Air BnB at all, but I’m obsessed with the concept of it. So this one is even better because it doesn’t require strangers to sleep in your bed. If you know your city really well, or have a niche within a city that you could speak to, consider doing Air BnB experience tours on the side. Here are a few ideas- I’m waiting on someone to do a proper Alberta Rockies experience!

Cook a Menorca inspired meal in San Francisco. In spite of its small size, the island produces so much: gin, shoes, and lots of good food!


Explore the Monserrat Nature Park on horseback, passing several deserted Romanesque hermitages.

Tour Lisbon in a classic car, with a local who can show you the best places not overrun by tourists.

If all else fails, theres a solid market out there for people who like to sniff used underwear. The more you know!

Feature photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash. Images by Air Bnb

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