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After taking a week off for Thanksgiving, I was doing a lot of reflection on the world around me. I think I first remember the concept of racism coming up during a campaign that was going around my elementary school called “Racism, make it stop” and we had someone come in and explain to us what it meant. Besides the stickers that they handed out that day I don’t remember much, because I think at the time, I thought it no longer existed. I am only realizing now how privileged I am to have ever thought that. It should be clear to anyone who watches the news that it is an increasingly divisive issue across the world today, being made more divisive through certain people in power.

If you have gone on the internet at all in the past month, you’ve likely heard of the uproar coming out of the NFL and the usual tweets from President Trump. The backstory of course is that Colin Kaepernick, former QB for the 49ers kneeled during the National Anthem last year to protest oppression of people of colour in the United States. This year, several other athletes are joining the protest.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love politics. I love when art is political. I love when fashion is political, and I love when sports are political. Not because I like divisiveness, or anger, but because I love that people are able to use their platform to defend a cause they believe in, and they do.

I wanted to share some stories of racism, as well of some great initiatives out there that are a step towards equality.


If there’s anything we learned from this week’s Dove failure in representing people of colour, its that brands often struggle to properly represent, you know, the entire population. Something I hear time and time again working in advertising that there is a true shortage of stock imagery for people of colour. I recently found out about (via Create & Cultivate/Skinny Confidential) and think it’s worth sharing.

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