Shirts of Egyptian Cotton

I recently discovered Kotn on a standard Sunday jaunt down my usual spots on Queen St. I’m usually in the market for soft, minimalist, overpriced basics in life and as I was headed to Kit & Ace to stroke cashmere I stumbled across something better, and cheaper!

Kotn is tucked away on Queen and Niagara, and once you open the door you instantly enter a womb full of scented candles with earthy, clean familiar smells and a gorgeous white aesthetic with the softest fabrics in all the land.

In chatting with the ( very on brand) sales associate, he told me that it was a Toronto based store, with ethically sourced Egyptian cotton. I checked the website when I got home to see what else there was and was pleased to see their gorgeous aesthetic carried through into their online presence.

Because I can’t show you how soft these pieces are online, here is your TTK about this store, taken from their website:

“By working directly with cotton farming families in Egypt, we want to rebuild the industry from the inside. We make our own fabrics from raw cotton bought direct from farmers at guaranteed prices. Our model is like farm-to-table, but for your clothes.”

And it gets better…

“To slow the cycle of child labour, we’ve also partnered with pro-literacy organizations on the ground in the Nile Delta. We are now organizing a fund that builds schools in these rural farming regions. Improving the literacy rate for boys and girls in Egypt will help to improve quality of life for the next generation.”

This is what I love about Queen West. I hear they have since launched a women’s collection and can’t wait to check it out, and strongly advise you do too. (Pink sweater in size small mens)

(not a paid advertisement)

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