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In the spirit of being a white girl I am, I’m excited AF for cozy fall weather. Since the only song I can recommend is “I’ll name the dogs” by Blake Shelton, I brought in reinforcement for music recos. Here is a curated list of albums you need on your Spotify playlist right now. Follow the playlist here.

Ryan Adams – Prisoners
The man never disappoints. One of the greatest talents of his generation. Shiver and Shake is a personal favorite but you won’t be skipping any songs on this album.
The War on Drugs – A Deeper Understanding
WOD got some well deserved notoriety on their last album “Lost in the Dream (2014)”. There was a lot of hype for their follow up and they do not disappoint. This is a music lovers album. If you’re driving home this thanksgiving, keep these guys in mind.
I know this album has been out for a few months but I’m still playing it regularly. My favorite track is “house of the rising sun”. A song that’s been covered by a stack of bands but no one has ever turned it into something that sounds completely different.Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – Lotta Sea Lice
If you’re a fan of either one of these artists, you’ll love his album. Only one song has been teased so far but it sounds like what you’d expect it to sound like. That’s absoutely meant as a compliment.The National – Sleep Well Beast
Another band that seemingly never disappoints. If you’re a fan of any of their previous amazing records then you’ll enjoy their latest. They can do no wrong.Rostam – Half-Light
Couldn’t be more excited for the entire album to release. If you’re not familiar with Rostam, he is the genius that played a massive role in bringing the world the great sound of Vampire Weekend. In 2009 he made an album that was well before its time under the name Discovery (check out the song “so insane”). Last year he released one of my favorite albums of 2016, Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam – I had a dream that you were mine. This is is first full length solo project. A few tracks have been released in the past but we’re getting a whole bunch of new material. Get excited.

Wild Cub – Closer
The Nashville band that sounds nothing like a Nashville band released their follow-up to their successful 2014 release “Youth”. It’s another delight and you’ll be listening to this while you’re wrecking your 2017 beach body at 2 am and while you’re working on your 2018 beach body.

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