It has never been hotter to look like a bottle of Pepto Bismol.


I am DYING over peacoats this winter. I haven’t seen a trend I am obsessed with to this level for ages so, I felt a post was needed. I can’t help but feel zero sympathy for New Yorkers complaining about the brutal winter they have been having when it is so cold here that your skin hurts. Then again, I walk nowhere and have heated seats so maybe I can’t complain either. Either way I’m happy that this fashion week everyone has been forced to up their cold weather style game. Rebecca Taylor, TIBI, and basically everyone else have worked this look beautifully.

The big players in this peacoat game are without a doubt Pepto pink and powder blue, and of course, our dear friend and my personal favourite in any fabric… camel.

Kim K. upped her style game too and seems to be a big fan of the look, and for the first time ever I am starting to look to her for style tips… ( not just beauty where I have always looked up to her for eyebrow and mustache treatment… she gets me)

And of course, the Olsen twins who created the vision of ordering Venti Starbucks soothe rest of your body looks smaller in proportion, have been rocking this look aggressively around New York. I’ve always been a believer in the bigger the clothing, the smaller the human underneath must be.

“This season was more about oversize jackets and oversize menswear,” said Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen at their presentation for Elizabeth and James. If the Olsens are doing it, we should take it as gospel.

The look is big shoulders and oversized, so naturally I decided to become Macklemore and hit up my local thrift shop with literally 40$ in my pocket (inflation since the song came out?) Found this baby for 30$ and I am in love. It’s a great feeling to find something at a thrift store that has that look that a fancy old lady who lunches used to wear it, and it’s made in Canada, which is always a bonus.


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