-30. It’s time to talk about T-Necks.

Turtlenecks are one of those weird fashion trends that has always been around, and likely always will be, yet anytime I wear one I instantly feel like a douchebag.  However, when it’s -30 outside I will do whatever it takes to feel warm. It fits quite nicely into my awkward closet section alongside my rompers and one piece bathing suits, they have a shocking way of making me look like I’m on my way to get my grade 3 class picture taken. My mission this winter was to be able to pull off a turtleneck in a chic way without feeling like I was being strangled or fresh out of a 90s sitcom ( see below) .


Several turtlenecks later I found this at Marks Work Warehouse for 20$ and its not even itchy (a small win for the bargain)! I also learned this store, which is not one of my usual haunts, has a fantastic warm sock and construction worker man selection.


Pointers are to go for loose fitting and go casual, wear them with boyfriend jeans (or as I like to call them, dad jeans), and wear your hair up so you don’t look like a poodle at the end of the day. If you are a guy, DO NOT wear a full suit. Try to have a little scruff, and make sure the turtleneck doesn’t go all the way up to your ears or you will most definitely look like a penis…. You know what I mean.

Here’s some celebs working the T-neck.

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