Why I hate Louboutin’s.

 We all remember the classic movie scene where Dorothy taps together her little sparkly red shoes while chanting “ There’s no place like home” with a sparkle in her eyes. In real life, women are banging their feet together to try and get the circulation back in their feet while crying “ There’s no place like home” because all they want to do is go home, take off their shoes and soak them in warm water with a bottle of wine on the side of the bathtub.

I’m fairly confident that the idea of red soles came about after women’s feet started bleeding profusely because of the shoe.

Like any reason I buy things, I was lured in by the celebrities wearing them. Naturally, if people I deeply respected were wearing these shoes than I must have them too. As many of my tales go, the $900 price tag held me back. When I first got a job at a store that sells them in Canada (Holt Renfrew) I was advised by my peers to get a different designer shoe.

“ Go for Prada, Alexandra… ‘Loubs are a waste of money”

 “ Go for YSL, Alexandra… they are the worlds most uncomfortable shoe”

 Naturally, I bee-lined for the red-soled shoes so I could channel my inner Kardashian that night.

I, like many others before me consoled myself after realizing I couldn’t walk in them without excessive foot/back pain. I told myself that they were “dinner” shoes, then they became…“curb to car shoes” and then they became…“ flower pots”.

I write this not to complain, but to warn the masses that my friends weren’t trying to thwart my sexy shoe attempts, they were trying to help me.

 And after much more thought, I realized the amount of people that bought the shoe only so they could prove to the world that they were wearing an $900 shoe. There is so much more to be said wearing a comfortable, beautiful shoe that only you know their true value. ( a true shoe romance love story… The old fairy tale about the old woman who lived in her shoe is actually real, and I think I may be related)

 Anyways, after weeding through some celebrity pictures gallivanting around in their ‘loubs I started to feel a bit depressed about the whole thing… ‘are my feet fat?’  ‘do I have a faulty pair?’ When alas, I found it when I looked a bit closer! Brace yourselves for… my gallery on celebrities looking uncomfortable in Louboutins!!! Enjoy!

disclaimer: I’m positive the ones who look happy have botox injections in their feet.

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    January 12, 2014 at 6:26 pm

    Ahaha your comments under pictures made me laugh so hard. Truly girls who don’t have much fashion sense buy loubs just to show it… Just how every girls first bag buy is a Louis V. Let’s get more creative

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