Thigh Highs

Everyone, this weekend was all about the ultimate fashion question: Can I pull off thigh high socks without looking like I have daddy issues?

I’m overall pleased with the result, and it’s a great way to wear dresses in the winter without wearing tights ( they are thicker and only a small patch of skin shows so it balances out) Also, do not wear anything plaid or anything that shows too much skin on top otherwise you will look like an oversized and overaged school girl ( not in a cute way). Shoe wise, DO NOT try flats. I first tried wearing converse with them to channel my inner harajuku girl but I realized it made me look like I was wearing compression socks to go to the gym and lift some serious weight. Stick to Wedges and Oxford style heels, for everyone’s sake.

This has always been one of my favorite trends and I’m so excited to finally find a way to wear them!


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