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    Arm fat and other reasons to start playing tennis

    Why you should play tennis now- Aside from looking cool. 1. Besides the obvious factor that tennis is a workout and a good way to stay healthy, more specifically it targets the areas that can be easy to forget about in your mid twenties. We all notice our stomachs, butts and thighs but I think large arms is one thing we tend to overlook, until we see a group photo from a night out and you realize it looks like…

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  • music Style


    Halifax’s Wintersleep is set to release their 6th album “The Great Detachment” March 4th of this year.  Their first single ‘Amerika’ is up for listening on youtube now.  I’m hoping it…

  • Fashion Style

    Leopard and Bows

      If the sales person describes something as “Old Lady” chances are I will buy it. Hence, how these leopard flats entered my life. They are everything to me. Black silk…

  • Politics

    Public Funding is For Public Schools.

    In light of recent stories that continue to surface about religious liberty vs. equal rights it is time to revisit one of the first experiences that got me interested in politics.…

  • Politics

    Female Crush Friday

    I had to make note of a female that I have recently become obsessed with, and since it is Friday, I thought I’d make a Female Crush Friday out of it.…

  • Style

    Everyone… I’m Getting Engraved!

    I know most people my age are all about getting engaged right now, but do you know what is even MORE permanent than that (literally)? You guessed it, GETTING ENGRAVED! That…

  • Fashion

    Florals for FIFA

    We all know how I feel about sports and fashion holding hands so it only seemed appropriate to discuss this Adidas+Farm collaboration for the FIFA world cup. My soccer knowledge can…